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How To Stop Foreclosures - Episode 213 -

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This video was made at the height of the mortgage meltdown, around the time when Congress was poised to give another 350 Billion Dollars in TARP Funds to the banks who were at the epicenter of the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.  We have not taken this video down, although the segment about short sale prices vs. REO sales is a bit dated, because we feel that the 'nuts and bolts' of the subject matter are still relevant, even today (8 December 2013). So, enjoy the video!

How To Stop Foreclosures - President Obama and Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States Congress, you have the ability to help stop the tsunami of foreclosures if you'll simply urge lien holders to work more aggressively to complete short sale transactions. Short Sales are one of the best and quickest ways to turn the tide of the swelling inventory of real estate across the country.  In nearly every instance, the short sale offers, made to lien holders, provide the best and quickest way to mitigate any additional loss to the lien holder and hedge against continued declining values.

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